• V+1 Frameset ONLY
  • V+1 Frameset ONLY


V+1 Frameset ONLY


Light Blue and Orange
Midnight Blue and Light Blue

On-road bike performance. 
Off-road capabilities.

Liberate your ride.
Designed for British cyclist, the V+1 has not suffered compromises to meet the demands of global markets. Instead we have single-mindedly engineered the V+1 for riding on rough British roads plus off-road gravel tracks.
We think of it as a go anywhere speed machine. But in reality, it’s much more than that.
The V+1 is an exercise in painstaking attention to detail. A quest to find the perfect combination of compliance, stiffness and acceleration that helps British riders go where they want, as fast as they want.

V+1 Framset Includes -
Frame, fork, headset bearings, axles and small parts.
*Crank length, bar width and stem length delivered according to frame size.*


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