• Around the Block 2019

Sunday 7th July 2019

Around the Block 2019



Back in the day, probably in the early 90s or something, local racers used to refer to their most epic training ride as riding "around the block". This ride was essentially made up of the toughest local route they could muster, a full circumnavigation of Dartmoor National Park. 

Now, if you know Dartmoor then you'll know that it's lumpy. It's not the kind of long and winding climbs you'll find in the Alps, it's more short and steep, usually with rough weather so riding on Dartmoor itself was generally avoided. Instead riders took to the roads and trails around the edge and got in some long, hard miles. 

Rockets around the Block celebrates this tradition with a single day adventure, an untimed ride akin to our Jan Fondo challenge. The format is simple enough, turn up, collect your Brevet card, drink a coffee and then go ride your bike. We'll have two checkpoints you need to reach along the way but other than that your route is your own. We don't litter the countryside with signs, nor do we say what bike you ride. At the end of the ride your route should look like a big red line around the edge of Dartmoor. 

The checkpoints are simply that, a place to get your card stamped. We will undoubtedly provide some level of nourishment and probably some spares etc but please don't rely on it. This is not a sportive. Find yourself a nice little cafe, relax and enjoy the ride. 

If it all goes massively wrong then our van will be out and about and will pick you up. 

Rockets & Rascals will be open from 0630 for registration, there'll be no entry on the day, pre-entry is strongly advised as our events usually fill up. As usual all of our events have their own Strava Club and once you've entered you can join up to follow the other riders, compare routes and see who did what on the day. 

The riding will commence at 0800

We've plotted our route and we reckon it's about 92 miles. Here's what it looks like


You should aim to make something that looks a bit like this but we're guessing you'll try to pull it out to 100miles just for bragging rights. 

The day ends back at Rockets, legs gleaming and tight, something epic cooked up and beers flowing. We'll have a raffle for all riders so even though it's not a race you may well win something. 

Please enter early, it allows us to plan ahead and make the event better. 



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