• DT Swiss 350 24 front/28 rear hole

DT Swiss

DT Swiss 350 24 front/28 rear hole



DTs 350 family of hubs comes with all of the same killer features as the 240 line but gives an alternative option for the more budget conscious consumer.
The 350 hub features a steel axle and fully sealed bearings
A forged aluminium hub shell keeps weight to a minimum
Featuring the unique Star Ratchet system: patented drive system within the freehub offering low maintenance, ultimate strength and quick engagement
The 18 engagement teeth on the ratchets make for a more positive pick-up
A special DT Swiss coating on the ratchets and axles greatly improves the lifespan of these parts
This all comes together to make the 350 low maintenance, and give it unsurpassed strength
The No Tool system makes servicing easy

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