• Bloke Friday

Friday 24th November 2017

Bloke Friday



Back by popular demand and it's not just for blokes.

Forget Black Friday and its corporate insanity. What you need is a night of bloke stuff. Good beer, nice bikes, nice boards, nice cars and great clothes, some live music and a celebration of being the hairier sex. 

It's not just for the men. If you like to chat man stuff, talk about how good you once were, drink a few beers and listen to some good tunes then you're welcome here.

There'll be special offers in store and a raffle on the night to raise money for the Chestnut Appeal. The Chestnut Appeal is focussed on men's health raising money for Prostate Cancer care based at Plymouth's Derriford Hospital. 

You can come straight from work. 6pm-11pm.

Tickets are £5 and all money from ticket sales goes to the Chestnut Appeal. 

If you have a Gold Loyalty Card then we'll pick you (and up to three friends) up from one location (within the city) and drop you off at Rockets & Rascals. 

To arrange a lift call us on 01752 927555. 

If you want a Gold Loyalty card then they're £10 from R&R and available to anyone that's made 10 purchases in R&R. Gold loyalty card holders get free entry. 

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