Bike to Work with Rockets & Rascals

Riding your bike to work is something pretty close to our hearts, it's something we do every day. With Cycle to Work schemes now popular with most large employers (and some forward thinking smaller ones) we're able to help you find your perfect new partner. We can help explain the tax advantages of getting a bike for work, we work with most of the major cycle to work providers and can usually offer not only a better deal but also the benefits of shopping local.

Some of the large cycle to work providers will push you to order direct from their own preferred suppliers but this is not best for you. Getting your bike from a local store that can advise and make sure the bike fits - as well as show you the best routes to work and help with after sales care is arguably more important than the bike itself.  

We carry a great range of bikes that are perfect for cycling to work, we can set you up with a demo ride and best of all you can get a great cup of coffee whilst we talk you through the whole thing. Give us a call on 01752 221295 and book an appointment to chat with one of our sales team. 

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